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How to make Meat/Bone Broth

Come learn how to make bone broth, meat broth, and fish broth! This is a hands-on workshop where you'll get an opportunity to learn from Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Elizabeth Boggs, sample broths, and gain insight into how to use this nutritious food to heal your body!


Making Miso and Tempeh

These fermented products not only taste AMAZING when prepared at home, but are so much more powerful in their effect on the body.  Learn this beautiful art in our farm kitchen and get to take home what you make!  $55/person, $95/couple.  Space limited.


Kraut & Kimchi 101

Why purchase expensive probiotic supplements when they don’t even work as well as home fermented vegetables?  If you are ready to learn this very simple way of preserving your food, while increasing it bioavailability of its nutrients in your body, this class is for you!  $40/person, $60/couple.  Participants get class handouts and a take-home jar of sauerkraut.


Yogurt and kefir 101

Cultured dairy products has been a part in many people diets for long time.  They serve as powerful probiotics and improve digestion.  You’ll never find a more nutritious food that the one you make yourself!  Learn how in this hands-on 1hr class.  $30/person, $50/couple.  Space is limited.  Handouts included.

Waterbath Canning 101

Making your own jams and jellies allows you to put only the ingredients YOU want while preserving any excess fruit you may have before it goes bad.  This skill is priceless to have and easy enough to make it part of your routine.  Get hands on experience in class and ask your questions!  $40/person, $70/couple.  Handouts included. Space limited.


Pressure Canning 101

Did you know you are able to can vegetables AND meat? I’m not only going to teach you how to pressure can, but I’m going to give you a hands on demonstration of canning ground meat.  When life is going fast you and want to add meat to your favorite sause, this is how to do it!  Free of preservatives and heavy metals found in cans from the store, this is a way to keep your family healthy even when time is limited!  $40/person, $70/couple.  Handouts included. Space limited.


Introduction to Herbs

Wondering what the hype is about herbs and how to pick quality teas that will ACTUALLY be effective for YOU?  In this class you will better understand how to assess for good quality herbs and some little known tips about using them for the health of you and your family.​


Intro to Making Herbal TincturesWanting to learn how to make your own tinctures?  Look no further.  You will learn not only what this incredible herbal medicine is, but get a live demonstration of how to make your own at home, using herbs in your backyard!  $30/person, $50/couple.  Handouts included.

Heart2Heart Health

Courses & Classes

Intro to Nutritional Therapy, FREE

Learn what Nutritional Therapy is and what it can do for you in this free 30min presentation.  Space limited.  Must register ahead of time.


Natural Pain Management

Sick of pulling out over the counter medications for every day ailments?  Learn how to use food as medicine and for correcting acute and chronic pain.  $30/person, $50/couple. Space limited.


Healthy Kids

Toxic foods and environments have children struggling with mental and physical conditions like never before. Learn simple techniques to build their health and give them the tools to stay healthy for life. $40/person, $60/couple.


Chemical Free Home

Indoor environments are up to 100 times more polluted then the outdoors, and children are at the greatest risk. Come learn how to eliminate toxins, and live chemical free. $40/person, $60/couple.


Increasing Energy & Vitality 

Do you find it difficult to get going in the morning? Do you get fatigued mid-day, or find it hard to function in the evening? If so this class is for you! $40/person, $60/couple.


5 Day Weight Loss Course

Start speeding up your metabolism today!  Finally, a personalized weight loss program designed to get your body healthy.  Stop the vicious cycle of weight loss and weight gain!  This is not a low-fat, low-calorie diet.  It’s not about restricting calories and therefore nutrients.  It’s about feeding the body good, healthy nutrition for your hormonal and metabolic processes.


This 5-day program was developed to get you started on your own journey to long term weight loss with the hopes for continuation on the full Get At the Roots Weight Loss Program. This base program was designed to bring nutrients into the body and boost metabolism. This is not a weight loss program to follow for a short time. Rather, it teaches you how to eat, and how to optimally feed your body for the rest of your life!


$75/person, $100/couple. Space limited. Workbooks included.


Fire Cider Making Party

Come learn how to make this INCREDIBLE immune tonic.  Fire Cider has a long history of helping people recovery from all sort of ailments, from the common cold to sinus infections. Not only will you get hands-on experience, you'll get to take come what you make! $50/person or $80/couple. This is a skill that will last you a lifetime! You MUST text 503-840-9331 to confirm your attendance. Space limited.

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